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On Labor Day weekend we are holding another Samurai Slam Judo Tournament featuring:


6 Mat Areas

Shiai Competition

Kata Competition

Kosen (ground only) Competition


We have divisions for adults and kids, novice, advanced, and veterans.   We are lucky to have a number of national referees attending this year as well as Mike Takata, IJF A Referee, and Dana Rucker, Continental PJC Referee.


Our last tournament had over 250 entries, and we expect more at our Labor Day weekend event.  For this reason we are increasing to 6 mat areas to make the day as successful as possible.  Pre-registration Only to make sure we minimize wait time at the beginning of the day and Online Registration to make the process quick and easy.


Our primary goal is to develop judo in the US and we are working hard to ensure that everyone gets as many matches as possible.  For that reason we encourage competitors to compete in multiple divisions to develop their skills.  If you are a beginner, try both Shiai and Kosen.  If you are an throwing technician, add a Kosen division to develop your ground game.  If you are an experineced BJJ player, try a novice or advanced Shiai division to work on your standing and throws.  


Our kata competitors need some competition, so please come out and perform.  We have some excellent Kata Judges, including Theo Schwalm, National Kata Judge, as our head kata judge to give you the advice you need to develop your kata into a national or international level performance.  US Kata is in growth mode now and we have some of the best resources right here in the Carolinas.


We are not just developing players, we are also developing coaches and referees as well.  This is a large developmental tournament, perfect for your first time competing, coaching, or refereeing.  Our focus is to provide the perfect environment to develop your full potential.  We will have a short Players and Coaches Meeting before competition starts for questions on any of the rules used internationally or at our tournament.  



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